1. Don't be a dick.

2. Act like an antagonist, get treated like one.
    Here are a few common cases:

    This is not a comprehensive list of what constitutes antagonist behavior. All cases are to be judged by admins of what is the appropriate response to a particular behavior.

3. Rules for antagonists:
    Antagonists are exempt from nearly all rules. They are only required to follow the following rules:

4. Rules for non-antagonists:

5. Do not kill/attack/bomb/grief/etc people on the emergency shuttle BEFORE IT DOCKS AT CENTRAL COMMAND.

6. Do not discuss the current round in OOC.

7. This is a low-rp server.

8. Do not use bug/exploits to break the game.

9. Self Defense and Attacking:

10. Multikeying, Metagaming, Metacommunication, Metafriending and Metagrudging:

11. Failure to respond to administrator private messages is an automatic permaban. You are usually given a small grace period.

12. Don't have objectives? You're not a traitor! (Excluded from this are Crew Objectives) If you don't get assigned an antagonist role, then you aren't an antagonist.

13. Do not use adminhelp unless you require administrator assistance to resolve an issue or ask a question.

14. If you repeatedly end up being incompetent as a certain job or disconnecting as head roles without informing an admin we have the right to job ban you until we're confident enough you won't slip up again. Your ineptitude or leaving can often cause major problems later on in the round.

15. Never purposefully accuse someone of being an antagonist without justification or evidence supporting it, it can result in the person's death.

16. Rules for interacting with silicons:

17. Rules for being a silicon role:

18. There are only three instances where grief protection is negated:

19. Delta Security Alert is the imposition of special power to security for a temporary period when disobedience of the law becomes widespread or enemy subversion has gained a foothold, i.e. the AI has initiated a station takeover during Malfunction.

This is not a comprehensive list. As Draconian as it sounds; Hippie Station 13 admins have the final say on who stays and who goes.
Adminhelp if: