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ArcLumin - Coder
Input feedback here.
This isn't your place to freely whine about how your snowflakey item isn't in, complaints, etc.
This is solely concerned with your view on how they are performing.
[Image: yQEshdK.png]
dude's shit doesn't even have the coder info on the forums lmao
[Image: yQEshdK.png]
is coder even a forum rank
(01-11-2017, 08:59 PM)Swagile Wrote: is coder even a forum rank

I got my own forum rank so coders probably deserve it too.
[Image: qpMQcOy.png]

The only one that actually takes care of the Wiki. PM me when you want shit added to it or post something on the discussion page of my wiki profile.

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