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How to be a cuck like Victor By Minimike1220
Name of Tutorial: How to be a giant cuck
Do you want your tutorial transcribed to html or directly linked to this forum post?: Uh.. No? What does that mean tbh?
Tutorial type (Coding, Art, Sound, Game, Misc): Game/misc
Does your tutorial include images?: I might add some later, for now, No.
If yes to above, do you want your images hosted on-site?: N/A
Is your guide completely of your own creation?:

Ok goys. Time to become a giant faggot like Victor Rennem!

Step Numero Uno: Sign up as a job with tools, preferably station engineer (atmospheric and CE work, but atleast if you're atmos/CE do SOME of your actual job)

Step 2: Rush to get gloves, some spawn nearby you (depending on most spawns) grab those quickly and head out of engineering and rush to the teleporter.

(Optional) : Grab the flash out of tech storage, in the upper-right hand corner.

Step 3: Get your hacking skills on and find the door open pulse and then bolt (so you can get out)

Step 4: If no cap, grab the hand tele, if cap, RUSH into the office, screwdriver the table and get the ID. If theres an incompetent cap, he'll either try batoning you, OR just be a cuck without glasses, use your flash if you can, if not.. don't bother. ALSO DON'T HARM HIM JESUS HE'LL CALL OUT REVS.

Step 5: Take Spare ID, grab the Energy gun from the locker (in the back) then Escape.. go to arrivals, upgrade yours (and others, don't be a faggot) ID's.

Step 6: Rush to the armory, typically there is no warden but if there is one, stun him fast (Egun or Taser you can pick up quickly) Kill beepsky (with lasers) and then grab what you want. Cuffs to warden work best, but don't be a giant cuck.

The End. (Now you're a cuck like me!)
That shitty security officer Victor Rennem.[Image: oaZN8zY.png]" />
Heh.....try doing this when I'm warden.... Nothing personnel kid....*teleports behind u and stuns u* Heh.....too easy
ckey: raveboi69
Don't you play Sec anyway?
admins more like badmins
mentors more like mentals
looping more like loopy
mcbawbaggins more like mcballgaggings
hackole more like nohole
nebyab more like nebyob
fluxcapacitor more like nitroyoshi9
raveboi more like ravegoy
spacedong more like spacemong
boxpipe more like doxedpipe
dwright more like banned lol
ceSium more like Caesium
nalar more like nolar
hippie more like rippie
kokojo more like kokojew

low effort guide, you don't even explain all the alternative routes in raiding captains office like geneticist monkey, assistant rush, chemist thermite, atmos tech RPED

Thermite is shit, everyone notices and sec gets called in. RPED works pretty swell but good luck getting your hands on one (or knowing how to use it RIP) and genetics monkey is gay, because monkeys have like smaller health and even ai can kill you. Also you have to abandon all your shit and someone might steal it.
That shitty security officer Victor Rennem.[Image: oaZN8zY.png]" />
Step 1: Break into the armory

Step 2: Get shat on by the HoS

Step 3: "Why did you do that, haha, you retard, haha, I was valid hunting traitors"
[Image: Zzna1wk.jpg]

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