Unknown ban request by DDPingy

Request that another user is banned here.
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Unknown ban request by DDPingy

Post by ddpingy » December 5th, 2018, 9:47 pm

Your CKey: DDPingy

Your Character Name: David Widel

Offenders CKey: Unknown

Offenders Character Name: Theodore Zetaman

Round ID: Unknown

Link to logs: https://statbus.hippiestation.com/rounds/34819


Reason to ban: Theodore Zetaman and Charlton the detective murdered me. To be fair, I was breaking into HoS locker with a mech, and did shoot a stun gun (while running away). Neither of these are capital crimes as far as I'm aware, but I don't necessarily mind getting lynched so thats not what this ban request is about. While ghosted I saw Theodore Zetaman murder Sam Styles, a random non-antag innocent. All Sam Styles did was run back and forth in security brig for like 5 minutes in cuffs. Theodore got mad, beat him to death and said "try running now". Theodore also beat Max Pritchard to crit, though I think someone grabbed him and he escaped. All Max the miner did was walk into a broken cell in the brig, not even the brig itself. HoS later murdered one other guy tho I can't find in the logs. Charlton the detective and the HoS both shot random lazers throughout the halls, though most missed; at random people watching the HoS murderbone and shouting at him to stop. I'm not making this request about Charlton though he did help the HoS murderbone, he seemed to be just following orders and I don't have enough evidence to say whether he was knowingly complicit. But the HoS needs to be permabanned, or at the least /PERMANENTLY/ banned from any head/security roles. He has done this before in other rounds. In a few days ago he murderboned me as HoS for theft, but not even a capital crime. Since it was a one-off thing I was too lazy to report it. But this is the 2nd time he's murderboned me, and he has murderboned multiple other rounds. Thank you for reading.
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Re: Unknown ban request by DDPingy

Post by Xenon » December 6th, 2018, 2:38 am

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Re: Unknown ban request by DDPingy

Post by bard » December 6th, 2018, 4:35 pm

+1, would recommend a security ban as well as a day ban.
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Re: Unknown ban request by DDPingy

Post by EagleEyes » December 6th, 2018, 7:55 pm

+1 seems like shitty sec
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