Admin Meeting Minutes 9/30/2017

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    Hello everyone! We've had a very exciting meeting today - here's what I have so far.

    Please note that this release of information does not reflect any final decisions - we're still working out a lot of the details!

    Rule 1
    The biggest, meatiest part of the discussion was on how we handle rule 1 - "Don't be a dick". It's the only rule we really should need, and we'll be relying on it while making bans in many more cases going forward. The primary focus was on those who routinely make the game un-fun for others. Situations regarding grossly excessive power gaming/valid hunting will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis, and will no longer be tolerated.

    Another section of the discussion was regarding relaxing the rules on metagrudging, and metafriending. We reflected on the impossibility of ignoring relationships that form from round to round. Generally speaking, as long as there isn't a rule 1 violation, we'll look the other way. Killing someone because they stole your shoes last round is not okay. Go make some friends!

    New Job Positions
    - Space Trucker
    Someone who goes around in a space pod (or whatever) and picks up scrap to bring back to the station.
    - HoP's Assistants/Command Secretary
    Paper pushers who assist the HoP in making sure everyone is doing their job.

    A hot topic during this meeting was the enforcement of Head standards. Heads will likely be required to perform their jobs, and direct their underlings in the future.

    As the front line representatives of our server, and the best candidates for future admins, we'll likely be enforcing higher standards on mentors.
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