Casschem and it's shennigan: a working thesis

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    Name of Tutorial:Casschem and it's shennigan: a working thesis
    Do you want your tutorial transcribed to html or directly linked to this forum post?:Yes
    Tutorial type (Coding, Art, Sound, Game, Misc):Game
    Does your tutorial include images?:No
    If yes to above, do you want your images hosted on-site?:yes
    Is your guide completely of your own creation?:yes
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    welcome to Casschem and it's shennigan: a working thesis. a tutorial, or rather, a recipe book, that will talk about some of the reagents and changes that casschem introduces for us to enjoy.

    Impure superhol
    description: An impure solution of superhol, still very strong!
    boozepower: 100
    metabolization are: 2
    recipe: 2 part Ausium, 3 parts ethanol, 2 parts meth
    required pressure: 5
    description:"An incredibly potent form of synthetic ethanol"
    booze power: 350
    gives you brain damage and makes you vomit, on later stage, gives you even more brain damage and make you spew organs
    recipe: 4 parts Impure Superhol, 3 parts Ethanol, 3 parts Isopropyl alcohol
    requires centifuge
    Isopropyl alchohol
    description:Can make you sick and drunk at the same time. Amazing!
    gives you 1 toxin damage
    recipe: 6 parts water, 3 parts carbon
    requires 1 part of aluminun as catalyst

    description: A chemical compound that causes uncontrolled and extremely violent flipping.
    overdoses at 40 units
    gets adicted at 30 units
    gives an 80% chance of making you flip
    when overdosed, it makes you flip more ,makes you dizzy, and makes you walk in random direction,also have a 15% chance of making you confused, and gives you 10 stamina damage.
    when addicted, it first sttarts by gving you a 85% chance to flip, else it gives you dizzines, then a 90% chance of flipping, or a 20 diziness hit, and 25 stamina damage, then a 95% chanc to flip, or 30 dizzinss hit and 40 stamina damage, then at stage 4, you are always fliping and have a 10% chance of generating electricity, else a 60 dizziness hit
    recipe: 1 part cryptobiolin, 1 part lube, 1 part mindbreaker
    (the fun part)
    Translucent mixture
    description: It's sparking slightly.
    metabolism rate: 2
    when consumed, gives you 10 fire damage
    recipe: 5 parts Electrostatic substance, 2 parts teslium
    required temp: less than 290
    requires bluespace activity
    overheats at 310
    Sparking mixture
    description:  A bubbling concoction of sparks and static electricity.
    has a 20% chance of electrocuting people on sight
    recipe: 1 part traslucnet mixture, 1 part Methylphosphonyl difluoride
    required temp:less than 250
    overheats at 270
    description:An unstable compound prone to emitting intense bursts of plasma when in an excited state, it currently appears inert
    recipe:1 part uranium, 4 parts electrostatic mixture, 2 parts Sparking mixture
    requires bluespace activity
    Glowing Emittrium
    description: It's rather radioactive and glowing painfully bright, you feel the need to RUN!
    starts shotting emitter blasts
    if consumed, it irradiates you.
    recipe: Emittrium
    required temp: 400
    overheats at 900
    it gains 400 degrees over time
    Nitrogenated isopropyl alcohol
    description: Hmm , needs more nitrogen!
    recipe: 1 part isopropyl alcohol, 6 part nitrogen, 3 parts carbon
    requires catalys: 1 part goop (can be obtained as byproduct of many recpies, mostly toxins
    required temp: 590
    required pressure: 50
    N-amino azidotetrazole
    description: An absurdly unstable chemical prone to causing gigantic explosions when even slightly disturbed. Only an idiot would attempt to create this
    when consumed, it makes an explosion when you intent to run
    if you touch it, or otherwise disturb it, it explodes
    has na 0.5 chance per tck to blow up
    it explodes on creation unless theres stabilizing agent present
    it explodes if the temp reaches 315
    recipe: 3 parts Nitrogenate Isopropyl alcohol, 3 parts ammonia, 2 parts Diethil Zinc
    required temp: 310
    requird pressure: 35
    Electrostatic substance
    description: A charged substance that generates an electromagnetic field capable of interfering with light fixtures
    has a 25 % chacne of flickering lights around, 15% of changing its color, and 2 % of breaking the ligt tube, also 3% chance of giving yyou 3 ffire damage, and 5% cha nce of setting you on fire and removing the reagent
    recipe: 5 parts uranium, 2 parts carbon
    requires 10 radiactivity
    Diethyl zinc
    description: Highly pyrophoric substance that incinerates carbon based life, although it's not so effective on objects
    when consumed, set you on fire with 4 stacks
    when splashed upon, sets yoy on fire with 1 or 3 stacks
    Explodes on contact with oxygen
    recipe: 1 partcmercry, 2 parts ethanol
    required temp: lessthan 290
    overheats at 310
    description:Used in fuel production
    when ingested, it increses burn times
    when splashed,  it increses burn time a lot
    recipe:3 parts ammonia, 3 parts carbon
    requires catalyst: 1 iron
    required temp: less than 250
    required pressure: 35
    overheats at 245
    description A toxic and flammable precursor
    metabolize rate: 4
    if touched, it creates a hotspot on the user
    if inngested, it rises the body temp by 60 and gives a toxic damage
    recipe:3 parts plasma, 3 parts water
    requires catalyst: 1 iron
    required temp: 340
    overheats at 370
    Protomatised plasma
    description: An exceedingly pyrophoric state of plasma that superheats air and lifeforms alike
    when ingested, it will check if the mob is on fire, if its not, it addas  parts of either clf3, dizinc, oxyplas or plasma.
    if the mob is on fire, it will create a hotspot on the turf
    when heated over 400, it creates a ball of super heated plasma around
    recipe: 2 part Plasmanite, 3 parts hexamine
    required gtemp: 320
    required radiactivity: 20
    overheats at 340
    description:You have no idea what the fuck this is but it looks absurdly unstable. It is emitting a sickly glow suggesting ingestion is probably not a great idea
    metabolize rate: 0.5
    starts with constant shocking, dizines, confusuiona nd oscilatting luminosity, after the 20 cycle, you either spawn a tesla zap, teleport you, randomly mutates you, throws an emp pulse, throw a rdaiton pulse, spawn some water vapor
    on touch, it teleports you a bit, shocks you, and gives you some luminosity
    recipe: 2 part Teslium, 2 parts rotatium, 2 parts liquid dark matter, 2 aprt coloful ragent
    required catalyst: 1 plasma
    required temp: 400
    when created, it flashbang
    Aluminium flourate
    description:A powerful burn and brute healing chemical that is slightly toxic"
    deals 1 toxic damage
    heals 5 burn
    heals 5 brute
    recipe:1 part carbonic flouride, 2 parts oxygen, 1 part aluminium
    required temp: less than 230
    required pressure: 25
    required in:Cyclo-bromazine (virogone),
    Sodium fluoride
    Description: a powerful antitoxin
    removes all antitoxins at a rate of 1
    set maximun hallucination to 0, adjust it to  -5
    has a chance of 10% to vomit every tick
    remove toxin damage at a rate of 7
    recipe: 3 parts Carbonic fluoride, 3 parts Sodium
    required temp:470
    required  in: Cyclo-bromazine (virogone),
    description: Potent anti viral chemical that puts the user to sleep while purging nearly any viral agents very quickly
    metabolisation rate: 0.5
    checks if theres a virus, then checks if its curable, if it checks out:
    puts to sleep, then reverse viruses stage to 0
    recipe:2 parts  Aluminium fluoride flourate,3 parts sodium flouride
    Required pressure: 76
    used in: SUperzine, Liquid Life, Exstatic mixture
    description:An extremely effective muscle stimulant and stamina restorer
    metabolization rate: 0.5
    cures 5 stamina damage
    has a 2% change of making you collapse
    If overdosed (40> units) makes you have a heart attack
    recipe:2 parts methamphetamine, 2 parts hexamine, 2 parts virogone
    required catalyst: mutagen
    required pressure: 78
    Exstatic mixture
    descrition:An amazing chemical that can bring the dead back to life!
    metabolims rate: 4
    if taken while alive, it electrocutes you
    if dead, it checks if the person was killed by suicide, or has any other disabilities that woudl prevent cloning, if it doesnt pass, it does nothing
    if it pass, it electrocutes for a bit, clears any reagent in the body, and brings you back to full help
    required reagents: 2parts Electrostatic substance, 2 parts Carbonic flouride, 2 parts Cyclo-Bromazine
    required pressure: 70
    Liquid life:
    Description:The purest form of healing avaliable, unfortunately extremely painful for the user when regenerating
    checks if you have any brute, burn or toxin damage, if it does, it gives you 50 stamina damage, and drowsiness,
    cures all toxin damage
    cures 10 fire damage
    cures 10 brute damage
    if overdosed (40) it gibs you
    recipe: 1 part superzine, 1 part cyclo-bromazine, 1 part exstatic mixture
    requires bluespace activity
    Bone hurting juice:
    description: A corrupted form of calcium that reacts horribly with more calcium.
    makes you say uff ouch and owie, randomly, and other bone hurting messages
    gives bewtwen 1 and 5 brute damage, more if you are a skeleton
    description: You're a roight cant moit
    toxpwer: 0
    changes your name to Aussie Cant
    gives you 60 brain damage
    recipe: 5 parts space drug, 3 parts ethanol, 2 parts lithium
    required temp: 430
    needs centrifugate
    Pure Emotium
    description: This shouldn't be difficult to figure out
    makes you do random emotes, gives you some hallucination
    recipe: 1 part synaptizine, 2 parts sugar, 1 part ammonia
    requires catalyst: 1 mutagen
    needs centrifugate
    Radioactive waste
    desceiption: A filthy product left over from the production of nuclear materials
    tox power: 0.5
    irradiates you
    its  a left over of many recipes that used the radiactive machine
    Toxic goop
    desceiption: "A revolting mixture of toxic byproducts left over from the production of poisons"
    toxic power: 1
    metaboliztation rate: 1.5
    add a random toxin reagent
    its a left over of toxins recipe, mostly the ones that use centrifugate
    description: If you like puns and gibbed monkeys you will like this
    makes you growl like a bear
    after 5 cycles, it makes you twitch and scream and gives you 2 brain damage
    after 15 cycles t maeks you vomit
    after 40 cycles, it makes you vomit and gives you 20 brain loss
    after 60 cycles, it makes you exploe into a bear
    recipe: 2 parts liquid life, 3 parts Sparking mixture, 1 part ephedrine
    required temp: 460
    requires bluespace activity
    overheats at 1000
    Methylphosphonyl difluoride
    description:Maybe you could make something really really toxic out of this?
    toxpow: 0.5
    recipe: 3 parts hydrogen, 1 part carbon, 1 part phosphorus, 1 part oxygen, 2 parts fluorine
    required pressure: 26
    Translucent mixture (should be called sarin)
    descriptionn: This mixture has a very light white hint to it but is filled with impurities
    toxpow: 1
    makes your eyes blurry
    recipe: 2 part Methylphosphonyl difluoride, 3 parts isopropyl alcohol
    Extremely dilute sarin
    description:A very impure form of sarin
    makes your eyes very blurry, also makes you vomit
    recipe:2 partstranslucent mixture(sarin)
    required pressure: 5
    required temp: 700
    desceiption: "A family friendly lethal nerve agent, handle with care"
    toxpow: 0
    if ingested, it maeks you jitter, stutter, at the stating cycle, it makes you vomit, gives you 2.5 toxin and oxygen damage, and blurries your eyes
    after 12 cycles, it makes you blind, gives you 3.5 toxin and oxygen damage, and some brain damage
    after 15 cycles, it fucks your stamina up, gives you 4.5 toxin damage, 3.5 oxygen damage, and 5 brain damage, also wont let you breath
    after 25 cycles it puts you unconcius and gives you brute and toxin damage, as well as brain damage
    recipe: 5 parts extremely diluted sarin
    required pressure: 95
    overpressures at : 100
    overheats at 450
    needs centrifugate
    description: A chemical that is used in the manufacturing of narcotics
    recipe ;1 part  sodium, 3 parts water, 2 parts carbon, 1 part nitrogen
    required temp: 420 (blaze it)
    description: Hmm looks just like water
    recipe: 3 parts chlorine, 1 part phosphorus, 1 part oxygen
    Noxious mixture
    desceiption: A bubbling mixture
    recipe: 2 parts Phosphoryll, 1 part dimethlymine
    description: First generation nerve agent invented by the Nazis, packs impressive toxicity
    metabolize rate: 3
    gives you huge amount of toxic damages, also makes you stop breathing and gives you blurry eyes, aswell as brain damage
    recipe: 3 parts noxious mixture
    requires centrifuge
    description: Toxic, unstable, flammable and used in rocket fuel. Aim away from face!
    tox power: 2
    acid power: 15
    when consumed,  it gives firestacks and diziness
    randomly creates fires or explosion while doing nothing
    recipe: 1 part bleach, 1 part ammonia
    required temp: 430
    Sodium Azide
    description: A toxic and unstable chemical known for causing respiratory failure and sudden explosions
    makes you gasp
    at the startng cycles, it ives some oxy damage
    after 5 cycles, it stopd you from breating, gives you rowsiness, and liver damage
    after 25 cycles, itmakes you sleep and fuckyour eyes, along with everyhing before but worse
    description: Also known as sodium hypochlorite. A potent and toxic cleaning agent
    toxpower: 2
    cleans stuff colors to their origianl color
    recipe:1 part spacecleaner,1 part sodium,1 part chlorine
    Carbonic fluoride
    description: "A fairly nasty chemical used to produce potent medicines"
    metabolization rate: 1.5
    toxic power: 3
    required in: Aluminium fluorate, sodium fluoride, exstatic mixture
    this is a work on progress, next step would be making a pyramid f or advancecompounds and such
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    teach me how to make god healing chems
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    most of the recipes are missing in the wiki
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    You can search on the github for specific chemicals and get their recipe and requirements

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