How to: Ban Appeals, Ban Requests, and Admin Complaints

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    [ Guide complete, input still welcome. Hopefully admins can just link this rather than having to explain every time why your appeal/request/complaint is garbage]

    - Introduction
    - Ban Types
    - General Guidelines
    - Ban Appeals
    - Ban Requests
    - Admin Complaints

    Another simple little guide to making the most effective use of your time on the forums, that probably should have been written about two years ago when the server was created. Following this guide will save both you and the administrators time.
    Ban Types

    First, let's cover what kind of bans we typically see on Hippie. For each punishment, I'll go over the details of how it effects you as a player, why you would get that ban applied, and how long you can usually expect it to last. Keep in mind, the length and specifics of a punishment are up to the administrator who applied them. That being said, if the punishment is outside of the scope of what is discussed, it might be a good idea to appeal the ban.

    Cat Ban
    Filthy, dirty beast! The effect of a "Cat Ban" is that your race is automatically set to Cat-person when you play on the server. Cat-people (Cat beasts) are valid to murder the moment their disgusting paws touch our pristine station's tiles. They are also forbidden from fighting back. You can slip people, and stun them. That's it. No cuffing, and don't even think about switching to harm intent.

    Cat bans are generally short lived, and applied for repeated poor IC behavior. Blowing holes in the station, acting like a Nazi while playing Security, consistently releasing the water vapor as a janitor. You get the picture. Spamming general comms IC is another possible way to earn this.

    Cluwne Ban
    An arguably more severe version of a Cat Ban. From the infamous "Honk Honk Butt" (

    Cluwne: a morbidly obese, subhuman, epileptic, brain-damaged, amazingly annoying ur-clown named “the cluwne” and wearing utterly hideous neon green clown clothing that is cursed and therefore cannot be removed. Cluwnes are traditionally marked for death by their non-cursed former comrades, and even when they manage to escape being murdered by an angry mob, they are so fucking terrible at everything that their very existence is torment and they commonly wind up begging for death since their incredible incompetence can actually make it difficult for them to successfully commit suicide.

    Cluwnes are valid, as the disgusting cat-people are, but there is one important distinction - cluwnes can fight back. Slip, murder, and honk gleefully until you are horrifically dismembered. Note, however, that people are much less inclined to borg cluwnes who murder others.

    This ban is likely to be short lived, as cat bans are, and are applied for similar reasons.

    Job Ban
    "Help Security is griffing me!". Especially repugnant behavior centered around the specifics of a particular position typically result in a job ban. Releasing the engine (even accidentally, though you can probably expect a warning for the first time) as an engineer, and murdering prisoners as Security are two fairly common reasons for a job ban. Besides Security and Engineering, Heads are the most likely to receive this sort of a ban.

    Job bans can have variable length, usually reflecting the severity and number of incidents. They can range anywhere from a couple days, to permanent. In his (much) younger days, the author of this guide received an Engineering ban for a week, after releasing the engine for the third time that day (accidentally!).

    OOC Ban/OOC Mute
    "Guys, the Wizard just griffed me!". Most players are quick to recognize this one. Expect cries of "ICKY OCKY!!!" in the OOC in response.

    You can expect to net this ban if you refer to the actions of a particular character, or if you give away what the antagonist is. If you believe that you were unfairly treated during the round, don't discuss it in the OOC channel, ahelp it (

    If you spam the OOC, expect to get muted. This goes for posting egregiously NSFW content as well, depending on the content and the administrator ("Guys, check out this loli fur! [link] Hot, right?").

    Temporary Sever Ban (Temp Ban)
    The penultimate punishment. You are not allowed to log into the server for a period of time, usually ranging from hours to up to a couple months.

    A ban like this is very much the administration's way of warning you, and telling you to cool off. You can't get your Hippie fix, but reflect that this is a preferable alternative to never getting your fix again. Accumulating multiple temporary bans invariably leads to a permanent ban.

    See the next ban type, Permanent Server Ban, for why this might have been applied.

    Permanent Sever Ban (Perma Ban)
    The final straw. Goodbye, see you later, don't forget to write. You are not allowed to join the server ever again.

    At least, that's the implication. In reality, you can appeal permanent bans in about 6 months to a year after the ban was applied. The appropriate way to appeal this kind of ban is covered in the "Ban Appeals" section.

    Here is an explicit list of reasons you could be permanently banned:
    - Taking people out of the round as a non-antagonist. This includes walling them in, murdering them/knocking them into critical condition (doing over 100 damage to them), or throwing them in perma for no reason.
    - Non-consensual erotic role playing.
    - Repeated, less serious offenses.
    - Crashing/Hacking the server (with no survivors)
    - Attempting to acquire/publish another player's real life information
    - Failure to respond to administrator private messages
    - Multikeying. A person using more than one Byond account in a round, without informing administrators

    Metagaming in any form is punishable by a permaban. The varieties and definitions are:
    - Metagaming. Definition: Any out of character action made by a player's character which makes use of knowledge that the character is not meant to be aware of. Typically involves utilizing OOC communication provided by a friend
    - Metacommunication. Definition: Using an external chat or voice over IP client to talk about the current round.
    - Metafriending. Definition: Retaining friendships from past rounds and using it to influence your decisions in-game, unless it's something harmless like your character's skills.
    - Metagruding. Definition: The act of holding grudges over rounds and letting this influence your IC decisions.

    Taking all this into account, the most common reason why permanent bans are applied is another player ahelping regarding something you did, and you not being available on the server for questioning. This is the administrative shorthand for "take it to the forums". Don't freak out, calmly make an appeal, and explain your perspective on the situation. This will be covered in further detail in the next section.
    General Guidelines

    These apply to all official forms that you will fill out here on the forums. Following these tips are a great way to save you, and everyone else, time.

    The most up to date version of the rules are here:
    Keep in mind the last paragraph in that thread - which reads:
    This is not a comprehensive list. As Draconian as it sounds; Hippie Station 13 admins have the final say on who stays and who goes.
    Adminhelp if:
    • You're unsure about anything here.
    • You're concerned about if you're going to break a rule.
    • You're wondering if someone else is breaking the rules through doing something.

    You can access the round logs by going here:
    Just click on the appropriate round number, and a delightful variety of stastics will be yours to peruse. To link the logs to a particular round click the round number in the left hand column (for instance, #21701). This will open the statistics for that round. The last column, four rows down should read "view", with the word "Logs" in bold directly to the left. This is the link to that round's logs. Copy the link from your address bar. Alternatively, simply copy and paste this:[ROUNDNUMBER]&logs=true , with [ROUNDNUMBER] replaced by the number of the round.

    Always follow the format. There is no faster way to have your appeal, request, or complaint denied than not doing so. The proper way to fill out each form is covered in the appropriate section below. Ban appeals have an especially wonderful tool that more or less automatically prepares the form for you. It's located here:

    Never be afraid to ahelp or PM an administrator on the forums, asking for your "Notes". Notes are the little love message that administrators write, and are tied to your ckey. They can be regarding particular behavior to watch you for, and also contain a log of all the bans you've had applied. When making the judgement on whether to hand out a ban, and how severe the ban should be, administrators will view these.

    Grammar, spelling, and clean language count. Human communication is 70% non-verbal. It's very difficult to judge a player's attitude based on text alone, so work that in your favor by coming across as calm, collected, and sane - even if you're fuming. Reread what you've written. Would you like someone to describe you using what you've written? Kindergarten stuff, I know, but you'd be surprised.

    If you're wrong, admit you were wrong. A little humility goes a long, long way.

    Try your best to be objective in your analysis in all sections of the form, with the exclusion of the "Your comments" part. You're not the one making the final decision regarding the form you submitted, so write it with others in mind. Comb logs. State what happened based on those logs. Memory is a tricky thing, and is best supplemented by cold hard facts.

    Regardless of the form, in the "Your comments" section - be polite. This is the part of your appeal, request, or complaint which is meant to be filled to the brim with the pathos. Be sympathetic, describe your feelings keeping the advice "Grammar, spelling, and clean language count" in mind.
    Ban Appeals

    So, you've been banned. It happens to everyone at least once, and is very difficult to avoid if you play on Hippie for any significant length of time. It's worth restating here, before you make an appeal reread the rules posted on the forum. Don't waste everyone's time by appealing when you are clearly in the wrong, and the punishment is appropriate. This section covers when to make a ban appeal, and how to go about it.

    Here are three tips to keep in mind, specifically when making an appeal:
    - If your ban is an hour or less, it's probably not worth appealing. The ban will likely expire before administrators can process the appeal.
    - Does the punishment fit the crime? Try and objectively examine what you did. It's difficult, but put yourself in the administrator's shoes. The reason why a ban was applied at the level it was might be due to a history of similar behavior. Check the General Guideline's tip regarding "Notes".
    - Time heals (most) wounds. It's worth waiting a little while to make your appeal if your ban is longer than a week. That being said, if you feel that the ban was (objectively!) completely unjusitifed, never be afraid to appeal it immediately.

    Moving on, let's examine why you might appeal specific types of bans, and strategies specific to that type of ban.

    Cat/Cluwne Ban
    Generally speaking these shouldn't last longer than a week, at the absolute apex. If your Cat/Cluwne ban is longer than this, certainly make an appeal.

    Job Ban
    Ignorance is generally excusable for first-time offenders. Make sure to mention if you're new when being questioned by an administrator, but definitely mention it in your appeal.

    OOC Ban/OOC Mute

    Follow the general guidelines. There's nothing specific you can really do to spruce up an OOC Ban appeal. Hopefully you've learned your lesson.

    Temporary Ban
    Trying to get these negated is usually a fool's errand. Administrators are careful in their application of permanent and temporary bans, because it completely voids that player's ability to be a player. Instead, try asking for a reduction. You might get one if you don't have a lot of notes.

    Permanent Ban
    If your permaban was for not being present on the server, and thus available for questioning, just follow the format (or better yet, use the tool provided in General Guidelines!). This alerts administrators that your issue is one that should be handled quickly, so that you can get back to playing.
    Other permanent bans are more tricky. If you truly feel that the reason for the application of the ban is in a grey area, politely and calmly follow the guidelines, and state your logic. Just hopping on the forums and making the appeal shows administrators that you care. If your appeal for a permanent ban is denied, you are entitled to try again in one month. However, it increases the likelihood of the ban being lifted if you wait three months to a year.

    Finally, let us examine the form. The form is your god. Without you, the form is nothing. Without the form, you are nothing. As stated in the guidelines above, appeals that do not utilize the form are turned down the vast, vast, vast majority of the time.

    Byond account/character name: Your beyond key and character name go here, separated by a slash.
    Banning admin: Try and make a note of this, if you plan to appeal the ban.
    Ban type: Self explanatory. Reference the "Ban Types" section above for more information.
    Ban reason and length: This should be the administrator's reason for your ban, and how long it is for.
    Time ban was placed: Include the day, month, year, time, and time zone
    Server ban was placed on: Hippie Station 13
    Round ID: The round ID is available in the "Status" panel in-game, in the upper right quadrant of the screen.
    Server logs: Check the "General Guidelines" on how to link your round logs correctly
    Your side of the story: Before writing this, comb the logs for the circumstances regarding the ban.
    Why you think you should be unbanned: Refer to "General Guidelines" above, and reference the above section on specific logic as to why particular ban types should be appealed
    Ban Requests

    Oh no! You've been griffed! There's no administrator on the server! The station is one fire! Drones are murdering people left and right! It's time to make a ban request. As with all things in this guide, never be afraid to submit an appeal, request, or complaint. There are no consequences for making too many of these, or being wrong about something (assuming a lack of funposting). Don't forget to read, reread, rereread, and even reeeeeeeeeread the rules!

    All the same principles for ban appeals apply to ban requests. Check out the guidelines in that section for specifics. Unfortunately, there's no handy-dandy autogenerating form for ban requests, but as always you can get the specific details of a round here: , by clicking on the applicable round number.

    Let's take a look at the form. Note that the form is broken, perhaps intentionally to see who is clever enough to catch the dangling bold tag after "Does your thread follow the format?".

    The thread title should be the ckey of the player who you are requesting be banned, or unknown; following that, a dash and "Report by" and your ckey. For example - "Unknown - Report by BlueScope"

    Your Character's Name: Your character name for the round goes here
    Your Byond Key: Your byond key goes here, somewhat redundant given that everyone's account on the forum is now linked to a byond account
    Player's Character Name: This is the information you will probably have. Make sure you've spelled it correctly!
    Player's Byond Key: This is the information you probably won't initially have. There's no shame in putting "Unknown" here, or in the thread title.
    What did they do?: As with appeals, try to maintain objectivity. Be specific.
    Date and time of the Incident: day, month, year, time, and time zone. Reference the logs for specifics.
    Link to the round logs: The information on how to grab the round from the logs has been provided above!
    Does your thread title follow the format? "(Player's key) - Report by (Your key)": Yes, or don't bother to make the appeal. This section is only noteworthy because it's where the dangling bold tag is. After "Report by (Your key)", type a closing bold take - /b, with hard brackets around it - [].
    Your comments: This is the section where you can feel free to get personal. It's the gushy pathos-filled center that makes or breaks a ban request. How were you personally affected? Refrain from harsh language, and personal attacks.
    Administrator Complaints

    First, read this thread - thoughtfully provided by the administrative staff:

    You're back? Welcome! In any case, the reason most admin complaints are denied is because they're not admin complaints in the first place! If your complaint is centered around a single specific ban that was personally issued to you, it's a ban appeal. If the administrator is found to have applied the ban poorly, they will be suitably reprimanded as a result.

    Here's the form for your consideration, it is also slightly broken. After "Admin's Byond key, use a bold closing tag and a colon, before "What did they do", enter an opening bold tag.

    Do you wish to allow community input? Pick One : (For Admins Only / For Everyone) : While it may be tempting to open up the complaint for the entire community to chime in on what a badmin the person you're complaining about is, utilizing this strategy reflects poorly on you. Take into consideration why you're making the appeal. If it's for a one-time event, an admin abusing their powers on a particular round to the extreme, don't open it to the community. If it's a chronic issue, like poorly placed bans, specify that's the input that you're looking for. For instance, in this section you might write "For everyone who has been unfairly banned by X, please post about those circumstances". This cuts down on funposting, and helps speed things along rather than just entering "Everyone".
    Your Byond Key: Your ckey
    Admins Byond Key: This can be pulled from the logs, or alternatively click "adminwho" in the admin panel (upper right corner of your in-game screen) to figure out who is online.
    What did they do?: Refer to "General Guidelines" above
    How did this affect you?: Save the pathos for the last section of this. Be specific in how you were affected. Were you taken out of the round? Was your antagonist round ruined? Were you and others repeatedly banned shoddily?
    Supporting Logs: Submit the entirety of the log, not just cherry picked sections. Refer to "General Guidelines" above for how to link round logs.
    Did you read the rules?: Yes
    Is your post title formatted as such "(Admin Key) - Complaint by (Your Byond Key)": Yes
    Your comments: Refer to "General Guidelines" above. You'll have to continue to work with, and will be presided over by the particular administrator if your complaint is denied, and generally even when it's accepted.
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    I will say, never be afraid to immediately appeal a permaban. There is always a chance the ban was shit and it will be lifted. If an appeal for a perma is denied, wait 2 months. You can appeal after a month but the longer you wait the higher the chance it will be lifted
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    Fair point methaddict, I'll update the guide accordingly!

    Also this morning I hope to finish the beast off, and make the formatting a little more friendly. Big paragraphs are spooky!

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