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    BYOND Key: Rui55best

    BYOND Account Age: 7+ Account was made in 2011 (god bless Doughnut station 2)

    Age: 18

    Nationality and Timezone British - GMT

    Languages Spoken
    The only language we need

    What brought you to Hippie?
    Asides from the reason given in the previous app.

    Came in to metagame and chill with my lads, they left, i stayed.

    How long have you been playing on Hippie?
    Since Hippie advertised the server

    Departments you are knowledgeable in[
    For reference sake - High = Knowing borderline everything except for knowing recipes by heart

    Med = Easily understand the basics and general concept, although lacking in knowledge in some of the more advanced/specific parts of it.

    Low = Never rolled / touched

    High - Engineering, Atmos, Silicon, Security, Most medical, revs, most service roles, Xenobio & Supply.

    Medium - Botany (Yet to play with Bees)
    Traitor/nuke/wiz/cultist/Vamp/Lings/Devis (Know how to play em, don't know what ALL the goodies & toys they get do)

    RnD, Robotics (Haven't touched much since the update but RnD should be easy enough to master in a few rounds, haven't played much with mechs)

    Viro (Knew everything pre viro update, will have to play around with later)


    Low - The rare-as-fuck side antags such as space ninja & morphs barring swarmers/holopara & Xeno(Never rolled em)

    Abductors (Never rolled em)

    Toxins,circuits (Never messed with em)

    ^^^ - Will be fucking around and experimenting with these in the future.

    And of course i bring whatever misc knowledge that i have from like 1500+ rounds of playing this.

    Minor PSA - Pretty sure most of you know this, but
    regardless, grab the latest beta version of Byond instead of stable, Plasma will be invisible to you in the latest stable build.

    Reasons for seeking mentor?
    The main reason is that i've been enjoying answering questions both IC & OOC that newer lads have for us ever since the mentor system was borked. Would definitely love to continue answering and helping out the newer members once the mentors system is back.

    Previous SS13 related admin/mentor applications
    Made an app a year ago,

    Had to cancel it due to my previous laptop dying, later not bothering to re-apply once my new one came months later.

    Other things you want to tell us about?
    Laptop crashed literally the fucking second i was finishing this off.

    Like last app, naturally education will be prioritized over mentoring and playing but i do play pretty regularly regardless.

    It's 3am, i'll fix up any errors and info i forgot to add in tomorrow.
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    He's a cool dude +1
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    You forgot to put that you are knowledgeable in the worst antag of them all. Crashes. +1 cool dude.
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